Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The new DRC ApeParel Website has launched!

It's up and running - click here! 

We are proud to present improved features, sly navigation and a design that is rugged yet stoic, gorilla-style. 

Our backend and under the covers coding is very complex with over 960,000 lines of code running the site. We have at least another 200,000 lines of code to be injected into the system before the end of the year, and boast 55,000 lines of content currently in the system - which will continue to grow at a rapid pace! Our goal here is to make it easier and faster for our providers to put content into the system and to ensure visitors interact with a clean, simple to use, fast interface.

To recognize the power, flexibility and scalability of Titus aka DRC 3.0, we use these technologies:

DRClassification System: the powerhouse -- allows us to easily organize and reorganize our content with a few simple clicks of the mouse; our content is now centralized and hosted on redundant in-house hardware.

DRCandy UI: the candy -- a highly customized user interface providing a vibrant, visually appealing experience for our customers; no candy is sweeter than DRCandy!

DRCache: the speed -- a developed component to make visits to the site load quicker than ever. Not only does the site look good, but it's fast as well!

DRCommerce: the shop -- a revamped system provides an exciting shopping experience. A virtual walk through our store is one of those experiences that makes you say "It's Cool 2 B Conscious!"

Look for future enhancements to the website like mobile phone apps, wallpapers, PS3 themes and more!


Website Architecture.....Jay Dawkins II
Creativity & Website Development.....Eric Ndelo
The Cause and blog content.....Jen Novelli


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