Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fashion For Freedom Movement

From DRC's Creative Director, Eric Ndelo:

The fusion I see around me is astounding. So many different, creative individuals and organizations are using fashion to convey a message and it is more than just something I've observed.

It's a movement. And the message is freedom.

It make us smile to see that it's cool to be conscious and that there are so many like us - Obey, Invisible Children and So Me, to name a few - who are implementing social awareness initiatives to speak out for a cause. We all have a creative drive to convey a message through fashion that can be sold to raise funds to support the countries and people who need it the most. The people who have been hit with unthinkable atrocities or natural disasters.

As we at DRC ApeParel continue to push for freedom from oppression, exploitation, fear, slavery, murder and so on in the Congo (and worldwide), we are honored to be part of an amazing body of people in the fashion industry who are striving for real, honest change.

Support us and be part of the movement

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