Tuesday, January 11, 2011

South Sudan's Vote of Self-Determination

We were late to Rwanda. Late to the Congo. And late to Darfur. Today, Sudan is the most likely country in the world for an incidence of war and genocide to occur. Especially given that yesterday, January 9th, marked the first day of South Sudan's week long referendum that will ultimately decide if they will continue to remain with the North or become their own state. Many in the long voting lines Sunday said they were choosing independence, for separation from what they say is a violent state led by a violent man, President Omar al-Bashir.

President Jimmy Carter, along with Senator John Kerry, U.S. Special Envoy Scott Gration, actor George Clooney, and Enough Project Co-founder John Prendergast, are currently present in South Sudan to show support for the referendum. Carter says President Omar al-Bashir does not expect South Sudan to carry the debt of the country if they should separate, but new independence would bring a host of questions and concerns about border control and income that the citizens of Sudan and the world are hopeful can be addressed peacefully.

George Clooney and John Prendergast have teamed up to bring another aspect of the watching world onto the scene in Sudan to promote peace...and prevent war and possible genocide. The Satellite Sentinel Project is a way for anyone to watch areas of potential conflict and threat in Sudan via the web. Read more about how this groundbreaking project is using current technologies to keep an eye on Sudan during this critical time. 

To get a better idea of Sudan's precarious position, check out this video; co-production of Not on Our Watch and the Enough Project.

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