Monday, October 18, 2010

What do you know about the DRC ApeParel Blog?

Let's start off this post with a couple shots from this year's fashionSPARK show to remind us what DRC ApeParel inspriation is all about!


Inspiration can come in many forms and we all have the right to search for it in life, to take a path and see where it leads. But there are people in countries where war and power and politics destroy hopes and dreams daily, and it is necessary for someone to tell that story so change can come.

The DRC ApeParel blog is about inspiration and telling that story. From news and events in countries of African Diaspora and here at home with DRC ApeParel, the information you find here will keep you connected to the heartbeat of our clothing line and our cause. Each week check in with us to read a new post featuring a story about DRC ApeParel lifestyle, fashion and social consciousness that aims to strengthen your understanding of self and the world around you.

DRC's history and mission starts here.

Read my first post about the message in the clothing and hearing it spoken at fashionSPARK.

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It's cool to be conscious!

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