Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our new line, the immigrant's journey

The immigrant’s struggle is defined by intertwining realities. 

At home the hardships of life are most often faced with the strength of generational roots, family bonds and pure personal drive for survival. The longing for another life, one that can be seen in dreams and positive thinking, becomes a hope fed by ideas professed in music and stories that criss-cross the borders between countries of pain and anguish and countries of freedom and possibilities. Once that dream is achieved, that foot has stepped out, then a new dream and a new struggle begins. 

In our newest line, Fresh Off the Boat, we strive to capture this journey from homeland to promised land in five T-shirt designs. Check it!

International Music

Music is a language that translates across borders of all kinds. Bob Marley’s message – One good thing about music, when it hits, you feel no pain – has traveled from Jamaica to the streets of Brooklyn to small villages in The Congo and conveyed a truth that connects us all to the idea that there are things that bond us together regardless of pain and suffering, space and time, race and gender. In this T-shirt we are sending out a message about survival and what sustains us through the imagery of an indigenous lady from Africa carrying a Boom Box on her head like a jar of water. This international symbol for music, especially hip hop, has the speakers labeled with Gorilla and Star symbols to remind you of our commitment to these ideas.


Now, the message is out, the word is out. People want change, but obtaining an American Visa is a struggle in and of itself. This T-shirt conveys the desperation and danger that can come in trying to achieve freedom.

Freshness (F.O.B.)

For those who find a way, the migration from homeland to new land begins with the creation of a new life. The essence of who they are and who they represent is integrated into every decision they make, and with that their cultures and styles have the ability to breathe something fresh into the existing landscape. Diversity helps us evolve as a people and grow stronger, thus this T-shirt is the face of the line.

Rhinoceros Pizzle

With the light, there is also the dark. A movie that speaks to the ugliness that can come from the actions and words of the closed-minded is one of our favorites, Coming to America. This T-shirt shows an image from the robbery scene at McDoogle’s where an immigrant experiences some of the trials and tribulations of assimilating into American culture.

Love My Accent 

The flipside of hatred for peoples’ differences can be best shown in peoples’ love of accents. This T-shirt sends the message that immigrants can find comfort in America’s love of an array of intriguing accents, and can be proud of their own.

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