Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On the Road with DRC ApeParel

Finishing touches for fashionSPARK in Raleigh,NC

For a clothing line and team of fashion designers, taking your garments on the road is one of the most invigorating and intense things you can do. Massive amounts of work, stress and attention to detail are involved in producing a new line and then a public performance to showcase it. So, this weekend when we took our new clothing line, Fresh Off The Boat, on a two-day fashion show trip that culminated from months of preparation and planning into the premier of what we see as the next generation of DRC ApeParel clothing, we were ecstatic when it hit the runway.

Models get their cues

Our first show was in Atlanta on Thursday, September 16th at Ponder Wonder. Then on Friday, September 17th we joined twenty fellow fashion designers in downtown Raleigh, NC at City Plaza for our 5th year at fashionSPARK! Both venues showcased new t-shirt designs and an exciting new line of dresses and jackets that put a unique spin on the union of traditional patterns and modern styles. Three stunning dresses were handmade by Alyjah Tafari, a designer and seamstress we seem to have reconnected with by fate. And the jewelry our models accessorized with for the shows was handmade by the talented Kween, Linette Knight, and Woodville Inc. (who is Julie Pitts and Adriane Matlock).

Unique bracelets by Kween
Alyjah Tafari replaces a button on one of her seven stunning dresses
In the months before the shows, as we prepared garments and coordinated plans, our dedicated business partners and amazing friends and family spent long hours supporting us and our vision. For this we want to give our immense gratitude and thanks. 

It's cool to be conscious!


  1. Insane! Those bracelets are rad. What are they made out of? Also can we get more pictures of those beautiful dresses please?

  2. Flickr has some great photos of the dresses - search fashionSPARK 2010 and the girls are one of the 5th or 6th photos!