Monday, September 21, 2009

DRC144k @ Fashion Spark: More Pics

Here are more pics of DRC @ FashionSpark...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

HEART of Congo in FashionSPARK

Once again, The DRC Clothing Co. brought the HEART of Congo to fashionSPARK. This year's runway was moved to Fayetteville St., offering a better view and a larger crowd. In the words of one Tweeter: Take the past 3 year's fashionSPARK's and put them together, and you have this year's crowd.

With a better venue and a larger crowd, DRC was determined to bring a larger than life showing. So what better time than fashionSPARK to debut the company's foray into skirts and dresses... check the images and tell us what you think.

Special thanks to all the designers, stylist and makeup artists who made this show happen. Special thanks to our wonderful fashionSPARK volunteer, Nanci, who held us down so lovely the entire night. More pics to come...DRC - WE GO HARD!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

NEW LINE: Pe No Chao by DRC144k

Pe No Chao: "If you translate it word for word it means bare feet on the ground. But to me it means so much more than that. I say this because a lot of people in Brazil walk around barefoot... but it is normal. So it is almost like people can relate to it ... ya know.

The people who walk around bare foot do not really care about what the next man is thinking, they are free spirits and just go with the flow. Now this doesn't necessarily mean that these people are broke, because that's not the case. On a side bar, this could also mean "Put Your Foot Down" which could represent you putting your foot down for PEACE ... meaning YOU ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE ... THE FIGHTING AND THE VIOLENCE MUST STOP."

- Fernanda de Oliveira (Sister of the 1st Designer of DRC: R.I.P. Gui)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This is the Real!!!

There was ONCE the BLOOD DIAMOND, now WE have the BLOOD CELL PHONES!